October 1, 2016

Essential Matwork and Conversion Course

This course will give you your nationally recognised qualification YMCA Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates (Practitioner) endorsed by CIMSPA Book here

It covers

  • Basic class content – to include warm up, cool down and stretches
  • Principles and fundamentals
  • Pre – Pilates
  • 34 original exercises
  • Progression and modification
  • Applied Anatomy and physiology, Health and Safety
  • Postural analysis, core stability and movement analysis
  • Overview of special populations in exercise
  • Teaching and communication skills

The YMCA assessment consists of several elements, the learner will present a completed Learner Assessment Record (LAR) which will include 

  • Level 3 Applied anatomy and physiology multiple choice assessment
  • Level 2 Anatomy and physiology for exercise and fitness instructor  multiple choice assessment
  • A Client profile and progressive programme for a 12 week one to one
  • A Practical group teaching assessment – planning, teaching and evaluation
  • Assessment workbook – open book questions completed online and paper based

Worksheets on

  • Providing a positive customer experience in the exercise environment
  • Lifestyle management and health awareness
  • Principles of planning and delivering group exercise knowledge questions
  • Fundamentals of Pilates
  • The Original Exercises and Modifications and Adaptations

This course can be studied either weekend only or school run friendly

SRF weekday course is 18 sessions 10 – 1.30 on Thursday term time, plus 5 Saturdays or Sundays for special lectures. Followed by YMCA awards Assessment

Weekend only course is 8 sessions of 10 – 5 on Saturday and Sunday, one weekend per month for 8 months. Followed by YMCA awards assessment

YMCA Level 3 Conversion Course

If you are already a teacher but qualified prior to the Level 3 Diploma being established join us for the YMCA elements of our training

Have the full support of our experienced teachers to help you complete your portfolio of work, revise your A & P, and have your teaching practise reviewed by an assessor

Minimum 5 days direct contact.  Followed by YMCA awards assessment